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Are you looking to source China manufactured Printed Circuit Boards? Like to know how much PCB manufactured in China will cost you? We are just a phone call away! Send us specification file for the bare PCB or PCBA and we will come back to you with attractive China based pricing. We pcb manufactured in chinamanufacturing PCB in China in order to achieve lowest possible cost for our clients. Our factory is ISO certified and specialise in Quick Turn around Prototype PCB service, Small and Medium volume Printed Circuit Boards manufacturing process. Our factories located in southern China and deliver low cost and high quality product. We will go an extra step for you and can populate printed circuit boards (PCBA) if required. In fact, we’re among the best PCB manufacturer China has to offer.

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P&A International is PCB supplier specialists

Printed Circuit Boards are the core of the electronics industry. While they are simple in design, there are many challenges and thorough testing processes are involved to test the PCB quality well before it leaves the factory. This is especially the case with multi-layered designs. As layers count increase so is the room for error. Below is the list of of equipment used to manually check the quality of the samples, taken from each batch. This equipment is surplus to automated PCB testing machines used to check every PCB that is manufactured (for example flywire, automated optical, xray tests). Run mouse over the image for machine description.

pcb coating thickness mesurment pcb copper layer thikness mesurment pcb high pot test pcb impedance mesurment

pcb cross section inspection pcb solderability test pcb surface contamination tester pcb tg tester

At P&A International - PCB supplier in China, we specialise in number of PCB technologies: Nickel, Gold, Silver, Tin, Copper, Leaded for Military use and compliant to ROHS, REACH, PFOS. Our PCB products are mainly used in the following sectors: Power Electronics, Communications, Industrial Control. Below you can see percentage brake-down per each market segment.

PCB industry applications


Single sided PCB Options:

  • FR4 material with immersion Gold,/Sliver, HAL, OSP
  • CEM1 material with immersion Gold,/Sliver, HAL, OSP, Flux
  • FR1 material with OSP, Flux
  • Special treatment: with Carbon ink, sliver ink, Peelable mask


Double sided PCB Options:

  • FR4 with immersion gold/Sliver/Tin, HAL, OSP
  • Special treatment: Peelable mask, Carbon, gold finger, chamfer


Multylayer PCB Options:

  • FR4 with immersion gold/Sliver/Tin, HAL, OSP
  • Special treatment: Peelable mask, Carbon, gold finger, chamfer

About PCBA manufacturers in China

For some reason, PCBA - Printed Circuit Boards Assembly often called PCB. However, there is a major difference between the two. PCB been a bare fiberglass with conductors and solder or contact pads. And PCBA is PCB been populated with electronic components, often supplied as a functional module. Sometimes it can also carry uploaded software in microchip, attached wiring harness and LCD screen. Both PCBA and PCB are very different products requiring different manufacturing techniques and set of skills, and it's rare to come across a manufacturing facility that can do both.

At P&A we offer our clients three different types of PCB manufacturing (populating) technologies: manual insert, SMT and integrative assembly. The compatible components encapsulation include general insert components, SIP, DIP, QFP and BGA components. We can process following advanced assembles: BGA assembly, Flexable PCB assembly, Chip on board and Aluminium PCB assembly. Below images are Aluminium PCB for LED lighting, assembly of the custom machine with PCBA (also know as Electronics Contract Manufacturing), assembly line of the complete product and PCBA that requires multiple technologies and manual assembly making it economically feasible to produce only in China.

aluminium pcb used for LED ligthing electronics contract manufacturing in China electronics contract manufacturing - Manual insertion line complex PCB assembly

Notes on different assembly methods:

THT Assembly
At Through Hole Technology the pins ‘legs” of the parts (which may be fix or flexible) are placed in the predrilled holes on the printed circuit board and soldered on the other side of the PCB. Wave soldering is used for this process.
The main disadvantage of this technology is the fact, that both sides of the PCB used by the components.

SMT - SMD Assembly
During Surface Mount Technology the pins of the components placed over copper pads on the PCB. Legs of the components are in direct contact with the copper surfaces on the PCB.

Advantages of the SMT Assembly:
-There is no need to create holes on in the printed circuit board
-The costs of the production process can be reduced and the process can be automated
-More practical as the PCB requires less space for components placement

Variations of SMT Assembly:
-Pure surface assembly - only SMD parts are used for assembly
-one-side surface assembly (REFLOW)
-two-sides surface assembly (double REFLOW)
-Mixed assembly – both SMD and traditional parts are used for assembly
-On one side SMD, on the other side (RAD-CP)
-In case of mixed surface assembly (REFLOW-RAD-CP)

BGA Assembly:
BGA mounting technology allows parts to be assembled on the PCB, which could not be mounted using another technology due to their size or complicated pin-out.
The most common IC methods are QFP (Quad Flat Package), TQFP (Thin Quad Flat Package), QFJ (Quad Flat J-leaded package) and BGA (Ball Grid Array). There is a significant difference between BGA and QFP technology, as at BGA the outputs of the components placed the bottom of the part.
The main disadvantage of the BGA technology is the fact that analyzing the faults and repairing them has become more complicated as the soldering point are hidden and can only be inspected using x-ray tests.

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