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P&A is China based company formed by partners with engineering background in 2008. Our main focus is manufacturing of skill and technology intense parts and components in China. Been a small player in the market we work very hard to establish ourselves by providing our clients personalised service, often going outside of our scope to support them.

Are you looking to manufacture Metal Components, custom LCD panel with Touchscreen or  Die-Casted and CNC processed part that is costing you a fortune to get done locally? Then you came to the right place. See our Products page for brief idea on what we are capable of doing. And do not hesitate to Contact Us with your product specifics if it is not listed there. We helped wast scope of customers to develop and manufacture parts and complete products in China.

Now you can cut the cost and reduce risk when you engage P&A International to manage manufacturing of your part or product in China. Hiring P&A as your China manufacturing management specialist is the smart way to accelerate your China strategy and take advantage of the massive cost savings available with the peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with an Australian presented company with team in China working directly for you - bringing you the best of China experience thru our expertise on manufacturing in China.

Our local account managers with experience in manufacturing and product assembly in China make sure they understand your product requirements for off-the-shelf purchase or custom manufacture. In China, our project managers work with carefully selected manufacturers through sampling and production to meet your quality and pricing requirements. P&A expertise comes from years of dedicated service to Australian customers. Our team members have over 10 years of firsthand experience working with Aussie companies managing there’s manufacturing projects in China.

P&A provide 'value-add' service to partners by sourcing complete parts and products as well as raw materials. We have helped customers to find suppliers and parts of titanium and titanium components, managing multi-technology projects and sourcing chemicals. With our diverse base of vendors and manufacturers we have a unique knowledge and experience collected by our staff on the ground in China.

Based in China, we have advantage of been local.  We know vendors personally, we know where to look for new vendors and we know which companies not to work with. On the other hand we have Western mindset and experience. P&A have well entrenched Q&A procedures in place, excellent financial management and proactive thinking in business management. Below are the core services provided by P&A.

We source products in China for our customers

We manufacture products in China for our customers

We act as a representative in China for our customers worldwide

Over the years P&A have developed from product sourcing company in China in to diversified service provider. As number of our customers and there’s demands have grown over the time we have adjusted to suite.  Today more and more companies focus on outsourcing there’s manufacturing to China, we stand do deliver quality service.

P&A main focus is customer satisfaction. Our goal is to develop long term sustainable relationships that generate referrals.

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