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Benefits of a Forged Heat Sink - China

Posted by P&A International
P&A International
P&A International is China based company formed by partners with engineering background in 2008. Our main focu...
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on Wednesday, 14 November 2012
in General Talk
Aluminium extruded and die cast heat sinks dominate the industry. As devises that require cooling becoming smaller and heat generation increases, companies are forced to look for a more efficient cooling solutions. One of them is FORGED heat sinks. Comparing extruded heat sink design to bonded fins type assembly, extrusions will outperform by large margin due to bonded assembly thermal transfer is somewhat reduced by the bonding agent added thermal resistance. There are four common techniques that are used to manufacture heat sinks: Die Casting, Machining, Extrusion and Forging. Let’s discuss performance of each of those types of heat sinks, excluding...
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