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Our Mission is to support businesses in Australia through our expertise in Manufacturing in China.  We deliver value-added services that enable companies to manage, improve, and grow their businesses.
Sheet metal work

We offer the complete sheetmetal manufacturing solution, from single part or sub-assembly to turnkey solutions for mechanical and electrical assemblies. With years of manufacturing experience, we have developed an expertise that deliver the finest quality and service.

P&A has the expertise and facilities to custom manufacture a full range of transformers and toroids to your specification. We can design and deliver transformers to your requirements. Take advantage of our expertise and competitive pricing from China.
Aluminium diecasting

P&A offer a range of aluminium die casting services to suit clients needs predominately working with high quality aluminum enclosures and components. The fact that we are China based company enables us to deliver aluminum parts and components at most competitive pricing.

Our PCBA-based product manufacturing handles a wide range of assemblies, from single PCB assemblies to PCBAs integrated into enclosures. We support high and low PCBs for volumes and cover the entire life cycle of electronic products – from development and introduction, through to growth and maturity and end-of-life phases.

We designed and manufacture a wide variety of thermal solutions for various applications. Our products include U-type heat sinks, extruded heat sinks, cold forged heat sinks, stacked and folded fin heat sinks, heat pipes and heat pipe integrated solutions, TEC's, conduction cooling solutions and more.

Manufacturing in China

The P&A Advantage

When you talk to us, you communicate with a decision makers with diverse manufacturing industry experience. That combined with excellent communication delivered by our Partners is a core of our expertise. Cost savings is just an added bonus.

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Manufacturing in China


Focusing on high-quality, custom manufacturing in China we offer professional manufacturing service of complex components and products. 

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Quality control in China

Quality Control

We focus our efforts on building strong customer relationships, which results in products in line with the market’s demands for features and quality. We find that this allow us to deliver better result that any quality assurance system can promise.

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We are global: Global Reach Meeting Local Needs

world in hands

From our earliest days, P&A International has recognized that to live up to our commitment to customers, we must take a global approach to our business. Our roots in manufacturing high-tech engineering components made this approach a necessity: because these solutions require by small numbers of engineers, identifying those who need our services has always meant reaching out to clients all over the world, regardless of national boundaries.
Over the years as our product portfolio has grown, P&A has continued to evolve and expand our presence into new regions based on identified industry needs. Our strategy is deliberate and focused: we start by building a local management team that understands regional specifics and requirements. These teams work closely with clients and regulatory authorities, engineers, and research teams to determine how we can best approach the manufacturing challenge and bring value to the product that been designed. P&A extensive international presence also helps us assist customers whose financial or geographic circumstances make access to customised engineering and manufacturing a challenge, through our financial support program.

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