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Our Mission is to support businesses in Australia through our expertise in Manufacturing in China. 
We deliver value-added services that enable companies to manage, improve, and grow their businesses.
Sheet metal work

We offer the complete sheetmetal manufacturing solution, from single part or sub-assembly to turnkey solutions for mechanical and electrical assemblies. With years of manufacturing experience, we have developed an expertise that deliver the finest quality and service.

P&A has the expertise and facilities to custom manufacture a full range of transformers and toroids to your specification. We can design and deliver transformers to your requirements. Take advantage of our expertise and competitive pricing from China.
Aluminium diecasting

P&A offer a range of aluminium die casting services to suit clients needs predominately working with high quality aluminum enclosures and components. The fact that we are China based company enables us to deliver aluminum parts and components at most competitive pricing.

Our PCBA-based product manufacturing handles a wide range of assemblies, from single PCB assemblies to PCBAs integrated into enclosures. We support high and low PCBs for volumes and cover the entire life cycle of electronic products – from development and introduction, through to growth and maturity and end-of-life phases.

We designed and manufacture a wide variety of thermal solutions for various applications. Our products include U-type heat sinks, extruded heat sinks, cold forged heat sinks, stacked and folded fin heat sinks, heat pipes and heat pipe integrated solutions, TEC's, conduction cooling solutions and more.

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping in China

Excellent communication and high quality product are the core of our China based metal fabrication service. We work together with you to identify the right solution and the process whichever it is - general sheet metal works, design and manufacturing of stamped sheet metal parts to turnkey metal fabrication services in China. We have the experience and knowhow, to provide metal engineering service and work with products from aluminium, steel, copper and it’s alloys. Designs that require CNC machining finish or high tolerance components can be accommodated. Parts of structures can be finished with polish, been galvanized or powder coated. Our experience coupled with our accurate and reliable metal fabrication equipment guarantee precision and repeatability in custom sheet metal fabrication.

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We offer the benefit of our experience in China and assist you with the fabrication of existing products or development of prototypes for future projects. Working closely with you we understand project requirements and advice most cost effective solution for a given application. Below is a list of our main capabilities:
-Laser Cutting
-Sheet Metal Stamping
-Fastener Insertion
-CNC sheet metal punching and folding machines
-Metal pressing
-Toolmaking for metal stamping
-CNC Machining
-MIG and TIG welding of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel
-Anodizing, Powder Coating and Spray painting
-Materials including copper, brass, titanium and steel
-Small, medium or high volume production runs
-Associated Assembly work, including electrical assembly

Prototype Fabrication

P&A can assist you in sheet metal fabrication in China for prototype projects. We can either manufacture samples to your specifications or design a sheet metal product for you based on your sample. Evaluating prototypes are crucial prior to mass manufacturing a product to ensure it meets specifications and provides the opportunity to correct any errors that may be present. Take advantage of our high quality prototype manufacturing capability in China.

Prototypes And Cost Savings in China

At prototype stage we can advise on improvements to reduce manufacturing time and cost. This involves looking at nesting of parts on the sheet, material yield and manufacturing techniques. It’s worth noting that each manufacturing facility have it’s own core strengths that deliver most cost efficient solution. We optimize product manufacturing requirements to match particular facility in China to achieve the best quality to price ratio on sheet metalwork China produces.

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