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Heat Sink Manufacturer

As heat dissipation needs grow, we were busy designing and manufacturing efficient heat sinks and extrusions. At PA thermal engineers understand the factors that impact heat sink performance: system airflow, orientation, attachment methods, size, ambient conditions and budget. As designers and manufacturers of hundreds of heat sink solutions, PA excel solving thermal design challenges. We deliver a heat sink design, characterize its performance, fabricate prototypes and tooled to mass produce it on demand.

Custom Heat Sink Extrusions

We can handle it all, manufacturing of the most intricate aluminium extrusion based heat sinks. Some with integrated Heat Pipes or water cooling circuits. Following by machining,  finishing, assembly and delivery. Our customers receive a complete part, assembly or private labeled extruded heatsink.

Custom Heat Pipe Manufacturer

With diameters up to 52mm and length up to 820mm, we have a solution that fits your application. Custom manufactured Heat Pipes made with mesh, groove, sintered powder and mesh&groove. A single unit performance can reach 500 Watts and lifespan of over 10 years.

3 EASY steps to get started!


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Fill in detail in the form below and send. One of our Engineers will come back to you promptly asking for drawings and technical specifications.


Review quote

You will promptly receive the quote for custom heat sink extrusion or heat pipe. Review and comment on technical aspects and pricing.


Place the order

Have the best China based Heat Sink Manufacturer to produce your Heat Sink! We will send samples first before mass production.

How to Order Your Custom-Made Heat Sink

HeatSink drawings will be reviewed in house by PA engineers. The offered solution will be focused around provided specifications and intended use. Off-tool samples will be provided to you after drawings are approved and tooling been made. Been a China based Heat Sink Manufacturer an important part of our business is short runs and small quantities of customized parts which include but is not limited to aviation, transportation, consumer goods and engineering products.
We manufacture many different types of heat sinks. It’s likely we have designs that, with minor modifications will suite your thermal challenges. But despite having thousands designs in our library, there are basic designs that form the basis for all the variations in the market. We can offer following technologies:

  • Custom Heat Sink Extrusions
  • Custom Heat Pipes and HeatSink assembly
  • Stamped or Forged Heat Sinks
  • Bonded or Folded Fin Heat Sinks
  • Swaged or Skived Fin Heat Sinks


Custom Heat Pipes can be ordered as a stand alone unit or assembly with Heat Sink.